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Grampus Soft Foam Playhouse Yacht 軟體遊戲屋-小遊艇

Grampus Soft Foam Playhouse Yacht 軟體遊戲屋-小遊艇

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Grampus Soft Foam Playhouse Yacht 軟體遊戲屋-小遊艇


EN71 安全認證


1. 第一個以船為主題的探索遊戲場,營造豐富的想像情境。
2. 小屋、階梯、滑梯、波浪道、駕駛台...,多功能的綜合遊戲場
3. 組件以魔鬼氈連接 可以與其他組件任意組合 輕鬆搭配就能建構一個豐富的遊戲場。
4. 全採高密度泡棉及人工皮革,材質清理容易,方便擦拭,不易汙損。
5. 增進孩子的身體動作能力,提供爬行、上下階梯、上下斜坡、滑行...等的動作訓練。

➤ 趣味玩法
1. 以小船為中心的寬敞冒險空間,讓孩子不只從遊戲中,從各種不同的活動來認識海洋、親近海洋。
2. 由陸地爬到船上,鑽進駕駛台開船,在船頭釣魚,或是從滑道溜下去,盡情地爬上、滑下,繞來繞去地玩。
3. 延續孩子喜歡角色扮演及跑上跑下的行為,讓孩子模擬船員在船上做的事。
4. 配合釣魚、買賣、煮飯教具 捕魚-買賣魚-煮魚...,體驗漁獲從海裡到餐桌上的流程。
5. 將船艙拆下 船座平台可作為活動舞台。

Dimensions: 235×200×115cm
Suitable for ages: 1 year and up
Materials: Wear-resistant, tear-resistant, and fire-resistant synthetic leather and high-density foam combination

  1. The first exploration play area with a ship theme, creating a rich imaginative setting.
  2. Cottage, stairs, slide, wave path, control tower... a multi-functional comprehensive play area.
  3. Components are connected with Velcro, allowing for easy combination and reconfiguration of the play area.
  4. Entirely made of high-density foam and synthetic leather, easy to clean and wipe, and not easily soiled.
  5. Promotes children's physical movement abilities, providing training for crawling, climbing up and down stairs, ascending and descending slopes, sliding, etc.

➤➤ Fun Play

  1. A spacious adventure space centered around a small boat, allowing children to not only learn about the ocean through play but also engage in various ocean-related activities.
  2. Climb from the land onto the boat, crawl into the control tower to "sail," fish from the bow, or slide down the slide, freely climbing, sliding, and circling around.
  3. Continuing children's love for role-playing and running up and down, allowing them to simulate the activities of crew members on the ship.
  4. Accompanied by fishing, trading, and cooking play sets, children can experience the process from catching fish in the sea to putting it on the table.
  5. The ship's cabin can be removed, and the boat platform can be used as an activity stage.


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