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BS Toys Match Puzzle 火柴棒拼圖遊戲

BS Toys Match Puzzle 火柴棒拼圖遊戲

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BS Toys Match Puzzle 火柴棒拼圖遊戲

Model: GA294 | Ages 3+

這款令人興奮的比賽拼圖由 24 場大型比賽組成,這款遊戲將考驗您所有的思考能力。 有各種不同的級別,這就是為什麼你永遠不會厭倦玩這個遊戲!


24根木頭火柴 0.9 x 21 厘米
30 張卡片,包含不同層次的挑戰性謎題範例


高度 22 厘米
寬度 5.9 厘米

This exciting match puzzle consists of 24 large matches and this game will ask all of your thinking facility. There are all different levels and that is why you will never get tired of playing this game!


  • Wood

Product Size: 

  • 24 wooden matches 0,9 x 21 cm0,9 x 21 cm
  • 30 cards with examples of challenging puzzles in different levels
  • solution of each puzzle on the back of the cards

Package Size:

  • Length 10 cm
  • Height 22 cm
  • Width 5,9 cm
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