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Foam Padded Weighted Hula Hoop Set of 12個 海綿呼啦圈套裝

Foam Padded Weighted Hula Hoop Set of 12個 海綿呼啦圈套裝

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Foam Padded Weighted Hula Hoop for Kid 兒童海綿呼啦圈


小號 外Φ=46cm 內Φ=40cm 中號 外Φ=55cm 內Φ=49cm 大號 外Φ=67cm 內Φ=61cm

The sizes of the hula hoops are as follows:

Small: Outer diameter (Φ) = 46cm, Inner diameter (Φ) = 40cm.
Medium: Outer diameter (Φ) = 55cm, Inner diameter (Φ) = 49cm.
Large: Outer diameter (Φ) = 67cm, Inner diameter (Φ) = 61cm.

This set includes three different sizes, with four units of each size, making it suitable for children of various age groups. The hula hoops are designed with thick foam padding, which adds weight and makes them easy to spin. The soft foam material prevents them from sliding when placed on the ground. The hoops have a durable iron core that is resistant to bending or breaking. Children can use them for hula hooping, playing hopscotch, or even throwing activities. 

  • These hula hoops were specially designed for exercise - dance, twist, stretch, sweat and burning calories.
  • Wave interior diameter to add massaging effect during exercise.
  • It can promotes fat loss, improving core strength and toning up your waist, abdominal area and bottom.
  • The hula hoop made of a durable plastic core with soft foam exterior for comfortable and fun exercise.
  • This hula hoop is heavier than normal ones which makes the exercise more effective.
  • It is made of soft EVA foam (outer) and PE (inner).
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