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Chinese Folk Art Paper-cutting Set (free safety scissors) 中華文化 - 兒童手工三剪紙套裝 (送安全剪刀)

Chinese Folk Art Paper-cutting Set (free safety scissors) 中華文化 - 兒童手工三剪紙套裝 (送安全剪刀)

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 Chinese Folk Art Paper-cutting Set (free safety scissors)  中華文化 - 兒童手工三剪紙套裝 (送安全剪刀)

剪紙是中國民間傳統藝術,它歷史悠久,有著豐富的生活累積與底蘊,體現了中華民族最基本的美感觀念與生活情趣,具有鮮明的民族藝術特色。 同時剪紙也是一種綜合藝術,有利於孩子各方面能力的培養與增進。 每一個孩子都有非常好的天賦,從一歲起,孩子就喜歡撕紙,並從中獲得樂趣,兩、三歲時,就會拿著紙張隨意折疊;四、五歲時,還會拿著小剪刀在紙上剪出自己心中的圖案,孩子們在折折剪剪中,不僅發揮了想像力,還不斷激發孩子天賦,培養孩子思考能力和創造力,鍛鍊手、眼、腦協調和觀察。

本套剪紙從兒童特色出發,選取孩子喜聞樂見的動物、植物、窗花、交通工具、生活用品等96種剪紙造型。 各個剪紙造型簡約、稚拙、風趣而不失規範,步聚圖簡單明了,一看就懂,一學就會。 就算小孩還不識字,只要參考詳細的示意圖,只需三個簡單步聚:折、剪、展開,一幅幅漂亮可愛、造型生動的作品就會在孩子手中誕生! 剪紙作品既可做孩子的遊戲道具,又可用於生活裝飾,極大豐富孩子的生活。 在完成剪紙作品的過程中,可以有效激發孩子自信心,使他們體驗到成功的快樂和動手的樂趣。

Paper is a traditional Chinese folk art. It has a long history and rich life accumulation and heritage. It embodies the most basic aesthetic concepts and life interests of the Chinese nation and has distinctive national artistic characteristics. At the same time, paper-cutting is also a comprehensive art, which is conducive to the cultivation and improvement of children's abilities in all aspects. Every child has a very good talent. From the age of one, children like to tear paper and get fun from it. When they are two or three years old, they can fold paper at will; when they are four or five years old, they can also hold paper and fold it at will. The small scissors cut out the patterns in their minds on the paper. Children not only use their imagination during folding and cutting, but also continuously stimulate their talents, cultivate their thinking ability and creativity, and exercise the coordination and observation of their hands, eyes, and brains.

This set of paper-cutting is based on children's characteristics and selects 96 paper-cutting shapes that children like to see, such as animals, plants, window grilles, vehicles, and daily necessities. The shapes of each paper-cut are simple, naive, funny yet standardized, and the step-by-step diagram is simple and clear, which can be understood and learned at a glance. Even if the child is not literate yet, as long as he refers to the detailed diagram and only needs three simple steps: folding, cutting, and unfolding, beautiful, lovely and vivid works will be born in the hands of the child! Paper-cut works can not only be used as children's game props, but also can be used for daily decoration, greatly enriching children's lives. In the process of completing paper-cut works, it can effectively stimulate children's self-confidence, allowing them to experience the joy of success and the fun of hands-on work.

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