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Grampus Soft Play Donut with Cake 軟體 甜甜圈與蛋糕

Grampus Soft Play Donut with Cake 軟體 甜甜圈與蛋糕

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Grampus Soft Play Donut with Cake 軟體 甜甜圈與蛋糕






Diameter of Donut 108cm /  Diameter of Cake: 86cm / Height: 40cm

This set includes two half circles and one solid cylinder, which can be assembled into a complete circle. When set upright, it can be pushed for walking practice, and when placed horizontally, it can be used for balance walking exercises. The center of the circle can also serve as a ball pit. Children can use it as a wall for hide-and-seek games, or it can be transformed into two small bridges or an S-shaped balance beam. It is a highly practical physical training tool that allows children to practice various motor skills. It offers optimal difficulty, safety, and fun. (Outer diameter: 108cm, inner diameter: 86cm)

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