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Classic Bean Bag Couch Oxford Fabric 牛津布經典減壓豆袋梳化

Classic Bean Bag Couch Oxford Fabric 牛津布經典減壓豆袋梳化

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Bean Bag Couch 減壓豆袋梳化

填充物: 泡沬粒子
面料: 牛津布   (設計有拉鏈, 可拆洗)

梨形設計是大小朋友都喜歡的豆袋。 非常適合教室、遊戲區和兒童/青少年房間。 所有蓋子都是可拆卸的,並配有內襯,這使得它們易於清潔(即使在洗衣機中)。 我們的豆袋椅總是很輕。 它完美地填充了高品質 5-7 毫米聚苯乙烯珠,為您提供全面支撐。

Material: oxford fabric with EPP

Pear Shape design is a bean bag you loved as a kid. Perfect for classroom, game zones and kids/teens rooms. All covers are removable and come with inner liner, which makes them easy to clean (even in washing machine). Our Bean Bags are always lightweight. It's perfectly filled with high quality 5-7 mm polystyrene beads providing you with full support.

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