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Kindermatic Color Folding Gymnastics Mat 單色折疊體操墊

Kindermatic Color Folding Gymnastics Mat 單色折疊體操墊

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Kindermatic Color Folding Gymnastics Mat 單色折疊體操墊


每一折大小 Each Panel Size: 寬120cm(W) x  長60cm (L) x 厚:5cm(H)

三折展開長度 3 Panel Length: 180cm (60cm*3)

折展開長度 4 Panel Length: : 240cm (60cm*4)

材質 Material : PVC+EPE

Folding Gymnastics Mat are used in kindergartens, nursery schools, school facilities, gyms, and even private gyms for various purposes.

It can be folded for a wide range of uses and is compact, making it easy to carry and store. Firmly cushioned with a thickness of 5 cm, it is moderately elastic for exercise. It is made of PVC leather waterproof fabric that is resistant to stains and is very easy to clean with a quick wipe even if sweat drips on it. 

The stable EPE multiple structure mat is perfect for gymnastics as it does not sink down easily even when an adult stands up. The waterproof PVC leather design allows for a quick wipe down when sweat drips!

The material is soundproof, vibration-proof, durable, wear-resistant, and stain-resistant, and can be used for a long time. It is suitable for full-body exercise, dance, yoga, gymnastics, flexibility exercises, martial arts, children's play mats, nap breaks, etc. at home.

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