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Dinosaur Hand Puppet Set of 6 恐龍手偶 6 件套

Dinosaur Hand Puppet Set of 6 恐龍手偶 6 件套

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 Dinosaur Hand Puppet Set of 6 恐龍手偶 6 件套

  • 有趣的毛絨恐龍手偶套裝 - 恐龍手偶長約 11 英寸,大尺寸讓手偶可以輕鬆移動,即使從遠處也能看到動作和表情
  • 高品質材質 - 手偶採用優質毛絨布料、安全耐用的材質製成,對於兒童來說柔軟舒適
  • 豐滿立體設計 - 合適的尺寸易於成人和兒童使用,恐龍手偶的顏色自然多彩; 爪子、牙齒、背鱗、眼睛等部位栩栩如生,細節讓恐龍漂亮
  • 發揮想像力的嘴巴 - 可愛的毛絨手偶可以給孩子帶來更多的樂趣和想像力,非常適合運動技能、手眼協調、溝通技巧、自信心和社交情感聯繫
  • 送給孩子和朋友的好禮物 - 帶有工作嘴,提供有趣的講故事方式,使故事情節更加生動具體,是兒童睡前故事的好幫手; 非常適合舞台和木偶劇、講故事、教學、日托、學前班、假裝遊戲、角色扮演、演示、遊戲,也非常適合作為成人禮物

Set of 6 Includes:

Tyrannosaurus Rex hand puppet 暴龍
Triceratops hand puppet 三角龍
Dilophosaurus hand puppet 雙冠暴龍
Stegosaurus hand puppet 劍龍
Ankylosaurus hand puppet 甲龍
Pterodactyl hand puppet 翼龍手偶

  • A Fun Stuffed Dinosaur Puppet Set- The dinosaur puppet is about 11 inch in length, the large size allows the hand puppet to move easily and to see movements and expressions even from a distance
  • High Quality Material - hand puppet is made of fine plush fabric, safe and durable materials, which is soft and cozy for children
  • Plump and Three-dimensional Design - The right size is easy for adults and children to use, the color of the dinosaur hand puppet is natural and colorful; The claws, teeth, back scales, eyes and other parts are lifelike and the details make the dinosaurs pretty
  • Working Mouth for Imaginative Play - The cute plush hand puppets can bring more pleasure and imagination to kids, great for motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, self-confidence, and social-emotional connections
  • Great Gift for Your Kids and Friends - Come with working mouth and provide an interesting way to tell a story, make the storyline more vivid and specific, and it is a good helper for children's bedtime stories; Ideal for stage and puppet theater, storytelling, teaching, daycare, pre-school, pretend play, role-playing, presentations, games, also great as a gift for adults


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