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Djeco Totem Zen 揸筷子看圖拼遊戲精細動作

Djeco Totem Zen 揸筷子看圖拼遊戲精細動作

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Djeco Totem Zen 揸筷子看圖拼遊戲

首先,玩家必須趕緊用筷子抓住正確的珠子! 然後他們必須小心地豎起他們的塔……不要把它推倒! 一場 2 名玩家的靈巧和操控遊戲,持續 15 分鐘。 技能發展:策略和邏輯思維、溝通、靈活性和處理能力

適合 6 歲以上兒童
產品包裝​​盒尺寸:21.5cm x 21.5cm x 3cm

First players must hurry to grab the right beads...using chopsticks! Then they must carefully erect their tower...without knocking it over! A game of dexterity and handling for 2 players that last 15 minutes. Skill Development: strategic and logical thinking, communication, dexterity and handling

Suitable for Children Age 6+
Product Box Size: 21.5cm x 21.5cm x 3cm

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