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Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Puzzle Dexterity Game Games 速度邏輯益智敏捷遊戲

Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Puzzle Dexterity Game Games 速度邏輯益智敏捷遊戲

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Blue Orange Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Puzzle Dexterity Game 速度邏輯益智敏捷遊戲

1-4 Players for Ages 8+

  • SPEED LOGIC GAME IN THE LAB: This brain teasing puzzle game consists of quickly moving molecules from tube to tube to create challenging formulas. This fun and unique game develops logical thinking, focus and attention, dexterity, and social skills with a fun scientific theme. Players are doctors trying to find the right formulas.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Each player gets a set of 3 test tubes with 2 of each color balls in each test tube. Flip the top challenge card and race to solve the challenge by making the content of your test tubes look like the illustration on the card. Don’t touch the molecules with your hands or don’t drop them. You can only move them by making them roll from one tube to the other. First player to complete the challenge calls out “Eureka!” and wins the round.
  • KID FRIENDLY AND FAMILY GAME: This 1 to 4 player game can be enjoyed solo, by children and teens playing together, parents playing with their children as well as adults. It’s a great educational game for math classroom and homeschool, a learning toy, and a fun party game for game night. It makes a great gift to science lovers and kids or teens who like math and puzzles.
  • This logic puzzle game includes 12 test tubes, 24 colorful balls, 54 challenge cards, and illustrated rules.
  • Dr. Eureka is part of a line of award winning board games from Blue Orange like Pengoloo, Gobblet Gobblers, Gobblet or other logic games like Tumblemaze. Blue Orange offers some of the best board games for parties and gatherings like Cross Clues, Fastrack, Beat the 8 Ball, or Kingdomino.
  • Dr. Eureka is part of Blue Orange STEM collection of games.
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