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Educational Insights Shapes Up Strategy Game 形狀塑造策略遊戲

Educational Insights Shapes Up Strategy Game 形狀塑造策略遊戲

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Educational Insights Shapes Up Strategy Game 形狀塑造策略遊戲

  • Shapes Up 是一款令人興奮的快節奏策略遊戲。 透過這場豐富多彩的比賽來培養你的空間思維能力,讓你的棋盤充滿圖案。
  • 玩家將形狀組合在一起,就像七巧板一樣,覆蓋他們的棋盤並形成多彩的方塊。 棋盤最先被填滿的玩家獲勝!
  • 包括 4 個遊戲板、32 個大三角形、32 個小三角形、16 個正方形、1 個形狀托盤、1 個骰子和一個計時器。
  • 美國全國玩具競賽獲得優勝玩具獎項
  • 適合 2 至 4 名玩家。
  • Shapes Up is an exciting, fast-paced strategy game. Shape up your spatial-thinking skills with this colorful race to fill your board with patterns.
  • Players fit shapes together, like a tangram, to cover their boards and form multi-colored squares. The player whose board is filled first wins!
  • Includes 4 game boards, 32 large triangles, 32 small triangles, 16 squares, 1 shape tray, 1 die, and a timer.
  • Mensa Select National Competition Winner
  • For 2 to 4 players.

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