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Educo Coding Zoo 程式設計動物園

Educo Coding Zoo 程式設計動物園

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Educo Coding Zoo 程式設計動物園

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Follow the steps on the assignment card and discover to which animal the caretaker is on his way. Place the corresponding wooden figure next to the assignment card and flip the card to verify.

Step 2 is to play with the other side of the card. Which steps does the caretaker have to take to reach the animal via the shortest route? Place the cards showing arrows in the correct order. Once again, the reverse side of the card is for auto-verification.

The children learn to code without technology. This increases spatial awareness and problem solving skills.

The game takes place in the zoo. There is a lot to talk about, which helps practice language skills. The little wooden animals can be placed both next to the instruction card and in their homes. By doing this, and by repeatedly placing and turning the cards, children also further develop their motor skills.


2 plastic zoo plans

15 plastic assignment cards

25 plastic cards with arrow

15 wooden figures

wooden box (33.5 x 22.5 x 7 cm)

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