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Educo Connect The Emotion 表情遊戲

Educo Connect The Emotion 表情遊戲

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Educo Connect The Emotion 表情遊戲

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The game can be played in various ways. First, only play with the cards. Discover which emotions are represented on the 8 emotion cards and tell something about them. Then, talk about the situation cards. What do you see and how does that make you feel? Pair the situation cards with the basic emotions cards.

The 8 emotions are:

Love (confident, kind, friendly, in love)
Joy (happy, satisfied, relieved, proud)
Anger (furious, resentful, discontent, irritated, annoyed)
Anxiety (worried, uneasy, suspicious, nervous)
Sadness (in mourning, melancholy, full of self-pity,lonely)
Astonishment/surprise (baffled, amazed)
Disgust (disdainful, dismayed)
Shame (guilty, shy)
The second game is played with the game board. Place the situation cards open on the table. Spin the pointer and look at which emotion it stops. Choose a card with a corresponding situation. Another option is to let the pointer spin and pick a random situation card. Connect this situation to the emotion the pointer stopped at. For example: the pointer stopped at the emotion ¡¥happy¡¦ and you picked the situation card with a grandpa sitting by the window. You can connect the emotion by telling grandpa is a little sad, but when I visit him later with mom and dad he will be happy.

The wooden box is divided in 8 sections, so emotion cards and situations can also be sorted in the box.

In this game there is a lot to talk about, about emotions, about situations pictured on the cards and the players¡¦ own experience. In addition, 1 of the options of this game is to sort the cards: an important math skill. Several motor skills are practiced, like flipping cards, spinning the pointer and sorting the cards in the box.


wooden game board with 8 basic emotions and a pointer
48 plastic cards with situations (5 x 5 cm)
8 plastic cards with the basic emotions (5 x 5 cm)
wooden box (33,5 x 22,5 x 7 cm)

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