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Educo Find And Count Up To 10 找一找數一數遊戲 1-10

Educo Find And Count Up To 10 找一找數一數遊戲 1-10

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Educo Find And Count Up To 10 找一找數一數遊戲 1-10

Article number: 900000145



Search for items from the assignment strip on the theme sheet. For each item you find, place one of the beads on a stick. Afterwards, turn over the assignment strip to see the correct answer, which is depicted both in dots and number symbols. The exercise stimulates unstructured and structured counting and number comprehension up to 10. For example, one can find unstructured quantities in the zoo, where the animals are depicted in their enclosures. In contrast, structured quantities can be seen in the context of a supermarket.

The set contains 6 theme cards with different themes, including the zoo, a supermarket, around the house, at the beach, on a farm, and in a vegetable garden. The exercises vary in difficulty. That is, there are 2 cards with quantities up to and including 6, and 4 cards with quantities up to and including 10.

In addition to math skills, children also train their fine motor and language skills. In fact, placing the beads on the sticks stimulates the development of their motor skills. The theme sheets are recognizable for toddlers, and can therefore be used as talking points as well. Try to discuss what can be seen, for instance by pointing out objects or sharing stories.


6 plastic theme sheets
6 plastic assignment strips
100 plastic beads
2 wooden stands
wooden box (33.5 x 22.5 x 7 cm)

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