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Educo Hear The Sound 聽聲音分類遊戲

Educo Hear The Sound 聽聲音分類遊戲

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Educo Hear The Sound 聽聲音分類遊戲

Article number: 900000133


配件:木制收納盒×1;50×50×1.5mm雙面印刷PS板(30×2pcs)×60;吸盤(黑色1個\白色1個)×2; USB(16GB)×1; 說明書×1

Place all image cards on the table. The USB stick contains 6 tracks with 5 sounds each. Listen carefully to the sounds and then try to find the corresponding image card. The track finishes after a sequence of 5 sounds. Afterwards, turn over the cards to check your answer. Note that the box contains two of every image card, in order for 2 children to play simultaneously.

Moreover, the game can be played competitively by using the included suction cups. Specifically, children listen to the sounds and try to grab the matching image cards as quickly as possible, using the suction cups. The first child to grab the correct card may keep it. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Per track, the sounds are based on recognizable sources for toddlers. Examples include the barking of a dog, falling of a glass cup, a tractor, laughing and crying, a lion, the flushing of a toilet, and a drum kit.

Children learn to distinguish sounds and listen to language. This stimulates their auditive discrimination, which is of importance for their further language development.

The sounds can also be downloaded from


2 x 30 plastic cards (6 x 6 cm)
2 plastic suction cups
1 usb stick
wooden box (24 x 12.5 x 7 cm)

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