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Educo Make The Right Move 造型配對遊戲

Educo Make The Right Move 造型配對遊戲

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Educo Make The Right Move 造型配對遊戲



Article number: 900000056

Make the movement indicated on the assignment card. Learn to name and assume different poses.

There are various ways to play this game. Get moving by imitating the posture on the card or describe the posture to someone else. By describing the postures, concepts such as high, low, left and right are also covered.

In the game all 16 postures occur twice, making it also possible to play a memory game. This stimulates visual perception and visual memory.

32 plastic cards (9 x 9 cm) with 16 different postures
wooden box (24 x 12.5 x 7 cm)

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