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Educo Plus 形狀疊加遊戲

Educo Plus 形狀疊加遊戲

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Educo Plus 形狀疊加遊戲

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配件:木制收納盒×1;活動遊戲台(292×90×6mm)×2;雙面印刷PS板(235×40×1.5mm)×16 ;夾板形狀塊×28
褐色塑膠梢子× 8

With Plus, children exercise their powers of observation, their motor skills and spatial insights. By doing the assignments, children learn how composition shapes are put together, which shape comes first and which one belongs on top of it. The assignments take the form of ?sums?. What do they get when they add one shape to another shape? The result is a composition shape. When playing the communication game, children train their auditory memories by describing the shapes and by doing spoken assignments. Since Plus is self-checking, children can work independently and play together.

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