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What Goes Together - The World of a Toddler 卡片分類遊戲-日常生活

What Goes Together - The World of a Toddler 卡片分類遊戲-日常生活

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 What Goes Together - The World of a Toddler  卡片分類遊戲-日常生活

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Look at the theme sheets and talk with the toddlers about what they see. Also look at the image cards and name the images. All the images can be found in the theme sheets. Children learn the meaning of basic words and to understand as well as use them in the right context.

The theme sheets depict situations that correspond with the experience and interests of a toddler. Toddlers like to look at what their mom and dad are doing for example. Familiar themes are: cooking, going to bed, doing laundry/cleaning, going to daycare, grocery shopping and animals.

The wooden box is divided in 8 sections, so image cards can also be sorted in the box.

This game has 2 learning goals: language skills and math skills. Language because of the theme sheets that can be used as story sheets and the image cards that can be named. Math because it is a game in which children sort the image cards by situation and learn how to think about data collection.


6 wooden theme sheets (14 x 14 cm)
36 wooden image cards (7 x 7 cm)
wooden box (33.5 x 22.5 x 7 cm)

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