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Edxeducation Pegs & Pegboards Set 釘子與釘板套裝

Edxeducation Pegs & Pegboards Set 釘子與釘板套裝

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Edxeducation-39470 Pegs & Pegboards Set 釘子與釘板套裝

每塊釘板共有 100 個孔。 1000 個彩色釘子有 5 種不同的顏色(紅色、藍色、黃色、綠色和哨子)。 每種顏色約 200 個
這些釘子也適用於蒙特梭利教學。 每個釘子頂部都有一個孔,可以堆疊起來用於早期的框圖、排序和算盤工作
想法指南將為您提供圖案、排序、對稱、排序和早期數學活動的靈感。 或讓學生創造自己的圖案,讓他們的創造力發揮作用
原產地: 台灣

  • Each peg board has 100 holes in total. The 1000 colored pegs come in 5 different colors (red, blue, yellow, green and whistle). approximately 200 of each color
  • The pegs are also suitable for Montessori teaching. Each peg has a hole on top and can be stacked for early block graphs, sequencing and abacus work
  • The ideas guide will give you inspiration for patterning, sequencing, symmetry, sorting, and early math activities. Or let students create their own patterns and let their creativity take over


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