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Mommy and Me Finger Puppet Book 媽媽與我手指偶書

Mommy and Me Finger Puppet Book 媽媽與我手指偶書

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Mommy and Me Finger Puppet Book 媽媽與我手指偶書
ISBN: 9781680524406 Publisher: Cottage Door Press Author: Sarah Ward
All ages 
Size: 11.5x11.5 cm

It's time for an adventure in the wild...with Mommy! Read along and play with your baby or toddler through this story of a very busy day in the jungle. Wiggle the cute elephant plush puppet to engage and interest your little boy or girl. Bright artwork and sweet rhyming text make this finger puppet book a favorite for mom or grandma to read with their daughter, son, or grandchildren!

Collect the entire series of books in the Cottage Door Press Finger Puppet Collection!

The adorable built-in finger-puppet encourages interactive finger play, which helps develop little muscles and build finger strength, improving coordination and fine motor skills.
Soft plush and a rhyming story combine to provide both tactile and verbal learning opportunities to babies and toddlers.
Thick board pages perfect for little hands to actively participate in storytime.
Lively illustrations and a plush finger puppet help keep little girls and boys engaged throughout.
Babies and toddlers learn best when they are playing, especially when their grown-ups are in on the fun.

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