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Follow The Route Weplay步道拼圖

Follow The Route Weplay步道拼圖

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Follow The Route  Weplay步道拼圖

  • 雙面雙色,有直線和轉彎造型,可組合多種不同的路徑,學習拼椄、組合建構的能力。
  • 練習循著線條走,能建立身體動作計劃能力。
  • 孩子拿取與拼組圖形過程中,提升手指精細動作能力。
  • Follow The Route has two different colors one on each side. Symbols on the mat can be changed by simply flipping the middle part over. This product not only creates a safe environment to play but offers symbols and signs on the floor for activities.
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