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Forest Party Weplay森林派對

Forest Party Weplay森林派對

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Forest Party  Weplay森林派對

  • 森林派對一面是小山坡,另一面是搖擺平衡板,大小不同的組件搭配,提供多元的踩踏路徑,讓孩子走在不平穩的路面,也訓練步行的穩定度。
  • 緩坡面提供爬、走、搖擺…的身體運動機會,促進孩子在動作能力的逐步發展。
  • 搖擺面像平衡板,提供尋找動態平衡的身體控制練習,並能活化肌肉伸展與彈性。
  • Weplay Forest Party is made of high-density, comfortable and durable foam. It offers an appropriate height suitable for children. The Forest Party can be used to develop children’s motor skills when crawling or walking on the pieces. The set can be arranged into uneven paths for advanced walking and balance training.
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