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Forever Up-Down (S) Weplay上下轉盤

Forever Up-Down (S) Weplay上下轉盤

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Forever Up-Down (S)  Weplay上下轉盤

  • 以數學“莫比爾斯帶”原理設計,將循環的面變成立體軌道,讓球在翻轉的軌道上無限運轉。
  • 兩顆材質不同的球,滾動速度不同,挑戰及趣味也不同。
  • 遊戲中可充分運動到手腕及手指的靈活度。
  • 具通用設計概念,不分年齡皆可使用。
  • Forever Up-Down is developed from the concept of the Oriental philosophy of Tai Chi. It comes with 2 balls of different weights and surfaces, which allows for varying speeds and levels of difficulty. Practice turning the object continuously in the inward or outward directions improves hand-eye coordination and eye tracking ability.
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