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Geometric Ladder Sorting Game 幾何梯子分類與排序遊戲

Geometric Ladder Sorting Game 幾何梯子分類與排序遊戲

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Geometric Ladder Sorting Game 幾何形狀梯子分類與排序遊戲

  1. 五個幾何形狀,高度和顏色不同,幾何形狀呈階梯狀分佈。 幫助孩子認識顏色、分辨幾何、對長度和高度有直覺的感受;
  2. 培養孩子專注、嚴謹、獨立的工作態度;
  3. 培養寶寶的手眼協調能力;
  4. 探索積木的形狀並發現更多遊戲的方式。

產品名稱: 蒙特梭利-幾何梯
建議年齡:24 個月以上

  1. Five geometric shapes, with different heights and colors, and the geometric shapes are distributed in steps. Help children to recognize colors, distinguish geometric shapes, and have an intuitive experience of length and height;
  2. Develop children's focused, precise and independent work attitude;
  3. Cultivate hand-eye coordination ability;
  4. Explore the shapes of building blocks and discover more ways to play.

Product Name: Montessori-Geometric Ladder

Product material: high quality wood

Product size: 20x20x8cm

Product weight: 0.75KG

Suggested age: 24 months +

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