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Giant POP-UP Pancake Monster Hilarious Interactive Tactile Game 巨型煎餅怪獸搞笑互動觸覺遊戲

Giant POP-UP Pancake Monster Hilarious Interactive Tactile Game 巨型煎餅怪獸搞笑互動觸覺遊戲

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 Giant POP-UP Pancake Monster Hilarious Interactive Tactile Game 巨型煎餅怪搞笑互動觸覺遊戲

  • Pancake Monster 是一款教育玩具遊戲,集計數、專注、運氣和驚喜於一體。 玩家嘗試將所有紙牌放入怪物的嘴裡,而不觸發彈出機制,輕輕吞下玩家的手臂。
  • 品嚐你的幸運孩子和家庭動作遊戲:這款互動遊戲鼓勵社交遊戲和教育發展。 它非常適合 2 至 4 名玩家在地板上、室內或室外的室內環境中進行生日派對、家庭活動或與朋友的任何聚會,可供 3 歲及以上的兒童獨立或與父母一起玩耍。
  • 玩法:玩家輪流餵煎餅怪物一張卡片。 每張煎餅卡都有 1、2 或 3 種食材。 他們將一張煎餅卡放入怪物的嘴裡,然後按下按鈕,次數與卡片上顯示的食材相同。
  • 如果一名玩家設法餵飽煎餅怪物而不讓它彈出,那麼他們的回合就結束了,下一個玩家就可以走了。 如果煎餅怪物在任何時候彈出,觸發彈出視窗的玩家必須收集怪物肚子裡的所有卡片。
  • 得獎產品:《煎餅怪獸》是獲得藍橙獎的暢銷書的一部分,其中包括《Gobblet!》、《Tongues Out!》、《Where’s Squeaky?》。 Blue Orange 為年幼的孩子提供了一些最好的互動遊戲,如 Happy Bunny、Freeze Dance with Chilly、Zimbos、Pass the Ball with Olie、Hoot or Toot 和 Slidin’ Toucan。
  • HILARIOUS SOCIAL GAME: Pancake Monster is a turn-based educational toy game that combines counting, focus, luck and surprise. Players try to deposit all their playing cards into the Monster’s mouth without triggering the pop-up mechanism which gently gulps the player’s arm.
  • TASTE YOUR LUCK KIDS AND FAMILY ACTION GAME: This Interactive Game encourages social play and educational development. It works well with 2 to 4 players in an interior setting on the floor, indoors or outdoors for birthday parties, family events or any gathering with friends and can be enjoyed by children 3 and up independently or with parents.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Players take turns feeding the Pancake Monster one of their cards. Each Pancake card has 1, 2 or 3 toppings. They place a Pancake card in the Monster’s mouth, then press the button the same number of times as toppings shown on the card.
  • If a player manages to feed the pancake monster without it popping up, their turn is over and the next player goes. If at any time the Pancake Monster pops up, the player who triggered the pop-up must collect all of the cards inside the Monster’s tummy.
  • AWARD WINNER: Pancake Monster is part of the Blue Orange Award winning best sellers that include Gobblet!, Tongues Out!, Where’s Squeaky?. Blue Orange offers some of the best interactive games for younger children like Happy Bunny, Freeze Dance with Chilly, Zimbbos, Pass the Ball with Olie, Hoot or Toot, and Slidin’ Toucan.
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