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Gigo Linking Base Ten Material 數數十進位組

Gigo Linking Base Ten Material 數數十進位組

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Gigo Linking Base Ten Material 數數十進位組

產品特色: 1.由單位個數(點)、十進位制做進階的學習,幫助孩子瞭解由點、線、面到立體之數位與結構關係。 2.單位分為 1、10、100及1000的積木,各單元間均可嵌合,可幫助孩子發展計算、分類、測量、比較的能力。 3.十進位積木組除了可以說明數的結構與其大小外,進而學習加減邏輯運算,還可以讓孩子練習進位及借位的觀念。 4.透過組合積木,讓小朋友實際動手操作,知道實際數字的概念,比用語言或文字來對孩子解釋更有效果。

點=1 (1X1X1cm)
線=10 (10X1X1cm)
面=100 (10X10X1cm)
立體=1000 (10X10X10cm)
Product size: 尺寸280 x 170 x 105mm
Base 10 is a fundamental system in our modern mathematical system. Children can easily be introduced to working with 10s by using the individual 10 sticks, 100 boards, or cubes of 1000 units. Not only will children enjoy seeing how cubes are proportional, but they will develop the ability to calculate, classify, measure and compare. In addition to seeing the structure and size of certain numbers, decimal blocks can be used to demonstrate logical operators like addition and subtraction. For older children the idea of carry and borrow can be introduced.

Packed in a plastic lockable box.
UNIT=1 (1X1X1cm)
ROD=10 (10X1X1cm)
FLAT=100 (10X10X1cm)
CUBE=1000 (10X10X10cm)
● Units are connectable; rods and flats are stackable.
● Understand the relationships from the unit to the cube.
● Used to teach decimal systems, area and volume.

Product code: G1002SC


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