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Gonge Body Wheels - Set of Small and Large 2 Pcs Set 體動滾筒大號藍色+小號黃色2件套裝

Gonge Body Wheels - Set of Small and Large 2 Pcs Set 體動滾筒大號藍色+小號黃色2件套裝

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Gonge Body Wheels

Age 3-99

Model# 2270 Set of Small and Large 2 Pcs Set 體動滾筒大號藍色+小號黃色2件套裝

Model# 2268 A Yellow Small Body Wheel 1 Pc Set 體動滾筒小號黃色一件裝


體動滾筒是專為挑戰各個年齡層而設計的遊樂設備。 體動滾筒 鼓勵孩子滾動、爬行、躺在上面或跳進去。 配合多個 體動滾筒 也可以堆疊形成一座塔,中間有一個大洞,讓孩子們可以在裡面玩耍或爬過遊戲隧道。 這款體動滾筒 也是學校、日間照顧中心、遊樂團體、治療師、健身房和瑜伽中心的理想產品。

The Gonge® body wheel is a piece of play equipment designed to challenge children of all ages. The body wheel encourages kids to make the wheel roll, crawl through it, lie on it or jump into it. Multiple Body Wheels can also be stacked to form a tower, with the large hole in the middle allowing children to play inside or to crawl through the play tunnel. This body wheel is also an ideal item for schools, daycare centres, play groups, therapists, gym and yoga centres.


  • Maximum load 100 kg.
  • Suitable for children aged 2+
  • Dimensions: Ø 59 x 29 cm large blue wheel (Ø 46 x 29 cm for the medium yellow wheel) 
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Practice body agility, strength, core, balance
  • Can also be used for yoga, gym, therapy, practicing
  • Top quality from Denmark

Available in 3 different versions

This exciting body wheel is available in 2 different versions. You can choose

Gonge #2268 - A yellow Body Wheel Small 

Gonge #2270 - Set of Small and Large  (includes the blue Body Wheel Large and a yellow / orange Body Wheel Small)

For yoga, gym, therapy and just for fun 

The curved shape of the body wheel with raised rubber edges helps children to lie safely on their tommy. There is a little friction between the rubber edges and the surface that makes it easy to control the rolling movement. The wheel's surface is firm which makes children feel safe on it. Certainly compared to a therapy ball. The wheel is designed to trigger countless physical activities.

The soft synthetic rubber rim of the wheel protects children and prevents damage to the floor. It is designed in Denmark and made from top quality materials. Therefore it withstands being played and handled on a daily basis.

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