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Gonge Build N' Balance 建構平衡訓練組合

Gonge Build N' Balance 建構平衡訓練組合

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Gonge Build N' Balance 建構平衡訓練組合

適合兒童具有挑戰性的平衡系統。 這款 建構平衡組20件套裝 由高度耐用的塑膠零件製成,帶有防滑底座以確保安全,並且每個部件都可以輕鬆重新排列以每天改變課程。 平衡裝置的高度、難度等級和佈置可以改變,以適應每個孩子的年齡和發展水平。

材質:PP 塑膠, TPE合成橡膠等

#2229  10件小套裝包含:


#2238  13件中套裝包含:


#2239  20件大套裝包含:

配件:黃色的建構島×6;紅色的建構島×2;平衡橋× 3;圓弧平衡板×3;拱形橋×1;搖擺圓盤×1;橘色建構島×2;彈力橋×1;體能棒×3;連接夾×2

Exciting and challenging balance system for children. This Gonge Build 'n Balance Advanced course set is made from highly durable plastic pieces with non-skid bases for safety, and each piece can be easily rearranged to change the course every day. The heights, levels of difficulty and arrangement of the balance set can change to suit the age and level of development of each child.

Other advantages include:

  • very sturdy and easy to set up
  • Danish design and quality
  • easy to set up
  • for all children (aged 2 - 15 years)
  • it nests for easy storage (it doesn't take a lot of space)
  • very durable

#2238 & 2840 Starter Set 10 Pcs Set includes:

  • 2 of Top10 Yellow (10cm height)
  • 3 of Top25 Red tops (24 cm height)
  • 5 planks

#2238 Intermediate Set 13 Pcs Set includes:

  • 3 Top25 Red tops (24 cm height)
  • 3 Yellow (10cm height)
  • 3 Planks blue
  • 2 Log Planks
  • 1 Rocking Plank
  • 1 Tilting Disc
#2239 Advanced 20 Pcs Set includes:
  • 6 Yellow (10cm height)
  • 2 Top25 Red tops (24 cm height)
  • 3 Planks
  • 3 Log Planks
  • 2 Bridge Piers
  • 1 Slack Line
  • 1 Rocking Plank
  • 3 Sticks
  • 1 Pair of Joints
  • 1 Tilting Disc

Kit with exciting elements like slack line and tilting disc
This Build N' Balance provides extra components for variability and increased difficulty. Rocking planks, slack lines and tilting discs provide many hours of great fun for children! This activity and obstacle course will help develop their motoric skills, balance and coordination. All elements are made of durable and high quality plastic and therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. The pieces are characterized by a non-skid bottom and are all stackable. The Danish design and quality is impressive. Perfect for clinics, leisure centres, primary schools, daycare, sports halls, gym facilities, playgrounds and much more.

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