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Gonge Giant Fishing & Stepping Set 巨型釣魚及踩踏平衡套裝

Gonge Giant Fishing & Stepping Set 巨型釣魚及踩踏平衡套裝

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Gonge Giant Fishing & Stepping Set 巨型釣魚及踩踏平衡套裝

Ages : 3-99 years


一組有趣且色彩鮮豔的魚。 魚有一個硬塑膠表面,帶有防滑結構,安裝在充氣底座上。硬表面確保良好的立足點,而充氣底座則適合兒童的運動。 與魚一起玩耍對運動功能來說是一個挑戰,因為孩子必須不斷調整他們的腳踝和腿才能找到並保持魚的平衡。 魚可以作為自由玩耍或結構化活動的一部分的墊腳石。

有了這款巨型釣魚套裝除了用作平衡訓練,孩子們還可以開始釣魚之旅了。 釣魚的慾望讓孩子挑戰他們的注意力、平衡和手眼協調。 接近魚並將其上鉤並使其上岸需要運動技能和精神集中。

A set of fun and brilliantly coloured fish. The fish have a hard plastic surface with non-skid structures fitted on an inflated base The hard surface ensures a good footing while the inflated base yields to the child's movements. Playing with Fish is challenging for motor functions as children continually have to adjust their ankles and legs in order to find and keep the balance on Fish. The fish can be used as a stepping stone either during free play or as part of sctructured activities.

With this Gonge Giant Fishing Set, children are ready for a fishing trip. The desire to catch a fish makes children challenge their attention, balance and hand-eye coordination. Getting close to the fish and getting it on the hook so that it can be landed require motor skills and mental concentration. 

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