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Gonge Body Control - Fishing Game Set of 5 身體擺動訓練 - 釣魚遊戲5件套裝

Gonge Body Control - Fishing Game Set of 5 身體擺動訓練 - 釣魚遊戲5件套裝

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Gonge Hungry Fish set of 5  | Model 2317 | Age 3-7
These brilliantly coloured fish have been cleverly designed to be hooked in the mouth using a "hook and line" function on the Fishing Rod. This fun game requires motor skills and mental concentration, and encourages children to use forward planning and problem-solving skills. Children can also compete with each other, contributing to social awareness and language learning.

Gonge Shimmer Fish Set of 5 | Model 2316 | Age 2-5
The colourful design of these fish catches the eye and sparks imaginations, inspiring small children to engage in role-playing games with others while promoting interpersonal skills and language development. The steel core of the fish makes it possible to catch them using the magnetic boathook of the Fishing Rod, and the thick rubber rim makes them comfortable and safe for children of all ages to hold. Using the rod to pick up the fish allows children to hone perceputal and cognitive motor function, and helps them to improve their balance and hand-eye coordination.

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