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Gonge Koala 前庭覺訓練 - 攀爬訓練器材

Gonge Koala 前庭覺訓練 - 攀爬訓練器材

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Gonge Koala 前庭覺訓練 - 攀爬訓練器材
Model 2097 | Age 1-6


具有豐富可能性攀爬訓練器材。 當孩子們坐在 Koala 裡面時,他們可以像旋轉木馬一樣搖擺或旋轉。 如果把 Koala 倒過來,它就會變成一個小巢穴。 幾隻Koala 甚至可以組合成一個遊戲隧道。 與 Koala 玩耍可以刺激孩子的前庭覺並發展他們的平衡能力

Decorative toy with a wealth of possibilities. When children sit inside the Koala, they are able to rock or rotate like a carousel. If the Koala is turned upside down, it becomes a small den. Several Koalas can even be combined into a play tunnel. Playing with the Koala stimulates children's vestibular sense and develops their balance.

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