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Gonge Magic Scarves 魔法紗巾

Gonge Magic Scarves 魔法紗巾

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Gonge Magic Scarves 魔法紗巾 Age 2-10

Model 2306 產品尺寸:660×660mm, 配件:紗巾×12 (共4色:紅色、黃色、綠色、藍色)材質:尼龍

Model 2307 產品尺寸:1380×1380mm, 配件:紗巾×12 (共4色:紅色、黃色、綠色、藍色)材質:尼龍

可透視的尼龍圍巾,顏色亮麗,將圍巾在空中擺動,看著它們掉落。 將它們用作魔術圍巾或將它們戴在頭上找找看。 可以單獨使用,也可以集體遊戲。

Light nylon scarves in happy colours (yellow, red, blue, and green) which invite for play! Swing the scarves in the air and see them fall. Use them as magic scarves or play as peekaboo by putting them over your heads. Can be used individually or in group play.


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