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Gonge Parachute 彩虹傘

Gonge Parachute 彩虹傘

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Gonge Parachute 彩虹傘 Age 2-99

Model 2301 - Parachute, 1.75 m , 8 handles

Model 2302 - Parachute, 3.5 m , 8 handles

Model 2303 - Parachute, 5 m , 12 handles

Model 2304 - Parachute, 6 m  , 12 handles

Model 2305 - Parachute, 7 m , 16 handles

Model 2914 - Gonge Parachute, Exercises in PDF ( English version)

Gonge Parachute 彩虹傘 可以為各個年齡層的人提供全身鍛煉,並且是發展基本身體協調性的絕佳方式。 這款 彩虹傘 由色彩繽紛、重量輕、阻燃的聚酯製成,手柄非常堅固,可激發許多不同的遊戲和活動。 外緣縫有一條 10 毫米粗的堅固繩索,幾乎可以讓無限數量的人同時玩耍。


Playing with the paracute provides exercise for the whole body for all ages, and is a wonderful way to develop basic physical coordination. Made of colourful, lightweight, fire-resistant polyester with very strong handles, the parachute inspires many different games and activities. A strong 10 mm thick rope is sewn into the outer edge, allowing an almost unlimited number of people to play at the same time.
Maximum load 10 kg


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