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Gonge Seesaw 彈力平衡板

Gonge Seesaw 彈力平衡板

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Gonge Seesaw 彈力平衡板
Model 2169 | Age 2-99


Gonge 重新設計了經典的 彈力平衡板,讓孩子平穩地移動,同時刺激前庭和本體感覺。 它具有防滑表面,底部具有柔韌的 TPE 橡膠墊,可實現更柔和、更動態的運動。 樞軸的底座覆蓋有人造橡膠,以減少壓傷孩子的腳或手指的風險,並防止損壞地板。 最大負載 75 公斤。

We have re-designed the classic Seesaw allowing the child to move in a smooth motion while stimulating the vestibular and proprioceptive senses. It has a non-slip surface, with pliable, TPE rubber mounds on the underside that allow softer, more dynamic movement. The base of the pivot is covered with artificial rubber to reduce the risk of crushing the child¡¦s feet or fingers, and to prevent damage to the floor. Maximum load 75 kg.


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