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Gonge Tactile River Stones 觸覺平衡過河石

Gonge Tactile River Stones 觸覺平衡過河石

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Gonge Tactile River Stones 觸覺平衡過河石
Model 2115 | Age 3-99



A set of 5 different tactile structures embedded into the classic River Stones design. Each stone features a different material, each creating a variety of tactile sensations.

Cork is resilient and has a unique texture, Aluminium is lightweight and silvery, Foam will feel squashy when touched, TPE rubber is bouncy, and Concrete is hard and cold. The various tactile sensors experienced are hardness, temperature, roughness, or stickiness between the tactile stones. The slope of the surface increases pressure on the foot reinforcing the tactile stimulation. Suitable for free play as well as structured activities. Children can enjoy finding matching materials to the Tactile River Stones or describing out loud the sensation they are feeling when stepping along the stones.

Maximum load 75kg.

Dimensions H80/170 x W350 x D280mm


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