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Gonge Top 陀螺轉椅

Gonge Top 陀螺轉椅

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Gonge Top 陀螺轉椅
Model 2101 | Age 3-10


一個美妙的巨型陀螺,可以帶來數小時的樂趣。 適合 1 或 2 名兒童。 用途廣泛:用它左右搖擺、旋轉、建造巢穴等。小孩子甚至可以將它用作游泳池中的船(僅限在成人監督下)。 在玩耍時培養孩子的身體協調能力。 由堅固的塑膠製成,適合室內和室外玩耍。 非常適合殘疾人士進行基本的身體協調訓練。


A wonderful giant top for hours of fun. Top for 1 or 2 children. Lots of uses: use it to rock from side to side, spin it, build a den, etc. Small children can even use it as a boat in the pool (only under adult supervision). Develops children's physical coordination while they play. Made of strong plastic for both indoor and outdoor play. Very suitable for basic physical coordination training with disabled people.


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