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Gonge Turbino 口腔肌肉訓練遊戲

Gonge Turbino 口腔肌肉訓練遊戲

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Gonge Turbino 口腔肌肉訓練遊戲
Model 2005 | Age 4-15

Turbino 是一款引人入勝的吹氣遊戲。 要將螺旋槳吹起來很容易,但要控制它停在特定的方格卻不容易! Turbino 對所有孩子來說都是一個挑戰和樂趣。 同時它也發展了他們的呼吸控制能力。 Turbino非常適合訓練有言語障礙的兒童。 遊戲包含兩個不同難度的圖圈。


Turbino is a spellbinding blowing game. It's easy to blow the propeller into motion - but it's not easy to control it to stop at a specific square! Turbino is a challenge and fun for all children. At the same time it develops their breathing control making. Turbino is very suitable for training children with speech disorders. The game contains two picture circles with different degrees of difficulty.


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