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Goula Match-inside Classroom Peg Puzzle 揭揭看-課室手抓拼圖

Goula Match-inside Classroom Peg Puzzle 揭揭看-課室手抓拼圖

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Goula Match-inside Classroom Peg Puzzle 揭揭看-課室手抓拼圖

- 精美製作的木製學校拼圖
- 包含 7 個色彩鮮豔的教室形狀的部件
- 培養幼兒的感官知覺與手眼協調能力
- 採用優質木材生產
- 適合2歲以上兒童

Goula 學校拼圖包括 7 塊不同形狀和顏色的顏色鮮豔的木釘拼圖,以便幼兒能夠區分學校教室中發現的物體之間的差異。 學校拼圖允許孩子嘗試不同的形狀,然後成功地將形狀正確的物體插入匹配的插槽中。 幫助孩子們利用想像力發現新的、令人興奮的事物是 Jumbo 和 Goula 承諾的關鍵部分。 Goula 以其精美、高品質的木製拼圖和遊戲而聞名,適合很小的孩子。

  • A beautiful produced wooden School Puzzle
  • Includes 7 brightly coloured classroom shaped pieces
  • Develops sensory perception and hand-eye coordination skills in young children
  • Produced using a high quality wood
  • Suitable for children aged 2+

The Goula School Puzzle includes 7 brightly coloured wooden peg puzzle pieces in different shapes and colours, so that young children can distinguish the difference between the objects found in a school classroom. The School puzzle allows children to experiment with the different shapes before successfully slotting the correctly shaped object piece into the matching slot. Helping children discover new and exciting things using their imagination is a key part to the Jumbo and Goula promise. Goula is known for its beautiful, high quality wooden puzzles and games that are suitable for children from a very young age.

Goulas products are made in an environmentally-friendly way with sustainable woods and cardboard and with over 70 years of experience in producing these fantastic products, Goula is a brand that you can trust. With a wide and exciting range of wooden toys in Goulas range, children are sure to have hours of fun, whilst developing their skills from a young age.

Product Size: 28 X 28 X 2.5cm

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