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Goula Match-inside Dining Room Peg Puzzle 揭揭看-飯廳手抓拼圖

Goula Match-inside Dining Room Peg Puzzle 揭揭看-飯廳手抓拼圖

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Goula Match-inside Dining Room Peg Puzzle 揭揭看-飯廳手抓拼圖

適合學齡前兒童的優質木製 8 件餐廳拼圖。 這款色彩鮮豔的木製拼圖將激發他們的想像力,同時享受有趣的學習。

拼圖底座提供了圖片線索,幫助您拼湊出在餐桌上看到的內容。 它有大的手抓柱來幫助揭開拼圖塊。由實木製成。

Goula 產品均按照最高標準設計和製造,使用可持續利用種植園的木材以及無毒油漆和清漆。 木材是一種與自然和諧相處的可生物降解材料。 它的質地、形狀、體積和溫暖使其適合小齡兒童的材料。

合適年齡: 2歲+

Quality wooden 8pcs dining room puzzle for pre-schoolers. This brightly coloured wooden puzzle will stimulate their imagination while having fun learning.

The puzzle base provides pictured clues to help make up what you would see at your table. It has large wooden pins to assist in removing the pieces.
Made of real wood.

Age: 2+ years.

Product Size: 28 X 28 X 2.5cm

Goulas products are made in an environmentally-friendly way with sustainable woods and cardboard and with over 70 years of experience in producing these fantastic products, Goula is a brand that you can trust. With a wide and exciting range of wooden toys in Goulas range, children are sure to have hours of fun, whilst developing their skills from a young age.

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