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Grampus Play Parachute 彩虹傘

Grampus Play Parachute 彩虹傘

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Play Parachute 彩虹傘

H2367 1.8m 米彩虹傘 8只把手,適合數量少的孩子使用,適合室內外使用

H2368 3.6m 米彩虹傘 12只把手,適合十幾個孩子使用,適合室內外使用

H2414 6m 米彩虹傘 16只把手,適合十六個孩子使用,適合室內外使用

彩虹傘為所有年齡和能力水平的人提供無限的團體遊戲和鍛煉機會,包括心血管和上身調節。 彩虹傘合適所有人使用,透過發展感知、社交、身體和學術學習來維持反應和運動活動以及團隊建立技能。 彩虹傘由耐用的尼龍製成,在受力點處進行了加固,並配有尼龍手柄。 這款耐用的遊戲彩虹傘是學校、課外活動、夏令營等機構環境的頻繁使用的必需品

材質: 尼龍

H2367 1.8m  with 8 handles, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

H2368 3.6m with 12 handles, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

H2414 6m with 16 handles, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Toss in some team building fun!
  • Get everyone involved - Grab a handle and go
  • Explore colors and encourage interaction
  • Teach turn-taking and cooperation
  • All while getting a great upper torso workout

Parachutes offer unlimited group play and exercise opportunities including cardiovascular and upper-body conditioning for all ages and ability levels. Parachute is designed for use by young and old alike to perpetuate response and movement activities and team building skills by developing perceptual, social, physical and academic learning. This Parachute is constructed of heavy-duty nylon, reinforced at stress points and complete with nylon handles. This heavy duty play parachute is designed to withstand the heavy use of an institutional environments like schools, after school programs, summer camps, etc. 

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