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HABA Monster Face Bursts Game

HABA Monster Face Bursts Game

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HABA Monster Face Bursts 

Funny monsters flew to us from another planet, but we shouldn’t be afraid of them, because these kids are very kind and charming. The monsters in Haba's Monster Expressions board game want players to show off their unique facial expressions. The playing cards feature cute monsters with different emotions, and players must roll dice to determine which facial expression and which monster they want to show. This board game will certainly bring a lot of positive emotions to your baby and his friends, because in it you can reveal all your creative abilities and ability to parody, as well as play the role of a good-natured monster and throw out all your emotions. All the details of the game and the packaging itself are very bright and colorful, so they will certainly attract children's attention.

Material: wood, cardboard
Number of players: from 2 to 4
Set: 4 cubes, 12 cards with monster facial expressions (3 per monster), game instructions

Product code: 300610

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