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HABA Monza Game 小小賽車手策略遊戲

HABA Monza Game 小小賽車手策略遊戲

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HABA Monza Game 小小賽車手策略遊戲
一款適合2至6人 5至99歲的賽車手的策略遊戲。 遊戲時間:約10-15分鐘。 德國製造。


六輛賽車站在起跑線上,為大賽做好準備。 但只有用骰子獲得正確顏色並進行巧妙組合的玩家才能快速前進。 誰會進行巧妙的組合,從而使用骰子擲出的盡可能多的顏色,以使他或她的賽車首先衝過終點線?

一款聰明而簡單的兒童遊戲,結合了顏色識別和「提前思考」技能。 得名於以其一級方程式大獎賽賽道而聞名的義大利城市。
六輛賽車正爭先恐後地登上大賽的起跑線。 在骰子上擲出正確顏色並進行巧妙組合的玩家將能夠以最快的速度前進。
內容:6 輛賽車、6 個彩色骰子、1 個遊戲板、一套說明書

A strategy game for 2-6 racers ages 5 to 99. Game time: about 10-15 minutes. Made in Germany.
A car racing board game encouraging tactical thinking and recognizing shapes and colors!

Six racing cars are standing on the starting grid, prepared for the big race. But only the player who gets the right colors with the dice and makes clever combinations will be able to quickly move ahead. Who will make clever combinations and thus use as many colors as thrown with the dice in order to get his or her racing car over the finishing line first?

A clever but simple children's game that combines color recognition and "thinking ahead" skills. Takes its name from the Italian city known for its Formula One Grand Prix racing circuit.
Six racing cars are raring to go on the starting grid of the big race. The player who rolls the right colors on the dice and makes clever combinations will be able to move ahead the fastest.
Challenging game variation ideas included
Contents: 6 racing cars, 6 color dice, 1 game board, Set of instructions

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