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Haba Orchard Game

Haba Orchard Game

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Haba Orchard Game 烏鴉果園遊戲

306150 35-Years Anniversary Edition 35週年鐵盒版

The four trees in The Orchard are full of fruit. Apples, pears, cherries and plums are ready to be harvested. But you’d better hurry up! The cheeky raven is waiting for his chance to snatch some fruit. Can you manage to work together to harvest the fruit before the raven puzzle is finished? You will win the game by working well together! You always win (or lose) together. Help each other during the game, discuss moves and give each other tips about which fruit to harvest. It’s the only way to win against the cheeky raven!

Age 3-6
1-8 Player
Approx. 10-15 minutes
Co-operation, Luck

果園裡的四棵樹結滿了果實。 蘋果、梨、櫻桃和李子已準備好收穫。 但你最好快點! 厚顏無恥的烏鴉正在等待機會搶走一些水果。 你們能在烏鴉謎題完成之前齊心協力收穫果實嗎? 透過良好的合作,你們將贏得比賽! 你們總是一起贏(或輸)。 在遊戲過程中互相幫助、討論動作並互相提示收穫哪種水果。 這是戰勝厚顏無恥的烏鴉的唯一方法!

1-8 名玩家
大約。 10-15分鐘

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