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HABA Pirates Share Mini Game

HABA Pirates Share Mini Game

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HABA Pirates Share Mini Game


The players slip into the role of little pirates who have seized a rich treasure and now must divide it among themselves. Because no one wants to have any duplicate uncovered treasure tiles, you may give the tiles to your fellow players. But they won’t always be happy about it. In the end, the player wins who has collected the most individual pieces of treasure tiles.

48 treasure tiles (4x 12 different motifs), 1 cat play figure “Little Eye Patch”, 1 set of game instructions.
Short game instructions:• Shuffle all the treasure tiles and spread them face-down in the middle of the table.
• Take turns turning over two treasure tiles.
• Decide whether you want to keep one/both of the tiles, or give them to another player.
• Stack your treasure tiles in front of you (only the top tile is visible).
• The game ends as soon as all tiles have been turned over. The player with the most single cards wins (duplicate tiles don‘t score any points).

*Rules in English 內含英文說明書

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