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HABA Star Search 快速找到星座

HABA Star Search 快速找到星座

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HABA Star Search 快速找到星座
最新的太空技術在這個令人興奮的HABA兒童遊戲中將太空任務的成員帶入了太空。導航系統突然失效。現在,宇航員依靠鷹眼,不得不像古代水手一樣受到恆星的引導。閃閃發光的星座現在顯示出了方向。在星際運動場的途中,兒童遊戲需要骰子幸福和速度。來自HABA的兒童遊戲“尋星者”(Star Seeker)將宇航員從6歲起帶入穿越遙遠星系的冒險旅程。
內容: 1個帶4個分隔牆的盒子底座,2個遊戲板,29個黃色星星,1個橙色固定星星,4個火箭,6個星卡,4個圓形瓷磚,1個沙漏,1個立方體,1套遊戲說明。
Game instruction 詳細規則

The latest space technology takes the crew of a space mission into space in this exciting HABA game for kids. The constellations whose navigation systems suddenly failed now show directions. On the way to the interstellar stadium, children's games require the happiness and speed of twins. Star finder journey for children from HABA.

Contents: 1 box base with 4 dividing walls, 2 game boards, 29 yellow stars, 1 orange fixed star, 4 rockets, 6 star cards, 4 round tiles, 1 hourglass, 1 cube, 1 set of game instructions.

Brief provisions:

1 . Equipped with star card.

2. Play in sequence. Depending on your area: Search for stars or dice. The dice can indicate where a search star or rocket may prefer.

3. Search for stars: Take out the star cards from the draw pile and the hourglass is running! Try to place the star chart so that the holes in the constellation are filled with stars. Place the star card back on the draw pile and move the star.

4. A starry sky? Won!

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