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HABA The Heroes of Kaskaria

HABA The Heroes of Kaskaria

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 HABA The Heroes of Kaskaria 


1個遊戲板、4個鱗片新來的人、4名懸崖賽跑者、55張撲克牌(18張金牌,9張縮放格里芬卡,18張懸崖賽跑者卡,9張“ +2”卡,1張瀑布牌)、80金、1個魔法護身符、1套說明書

詳細說明 [pdf]

There are many activities in the fantasy land of Kaskaria. Evil trolls have stolen the treasures of ancestors and magical tribal amulets. Without their treasures and amulets, the people of Kashgar fear the wrath of their ancestors. The heroes of the fast cliff runner are racing to recapture and dangerous roads await. Missions abound to rescue ancestral treasures and obtain magical amulets from evil trolls. The hero with the most treasures will become the hero of Cascalia and be worshiped by the people!

The game ends once a cliff runner or scale newcomer reaches the troll's lair in the volcano and recaptures the magical amulet. Players who reach the volcano can place the magic amulet along with the gold coins. Then perform the remaining actions of the card they played.

1 Game Board, 4 Scale Newcomers, 4 Cliff Runners, 55 Points Cards (18 Gold, 9 Scaled Griffin Run cards, 18 Cliff Runner cards, 9 "+2" card, 1 waterfall card), 80 gold, 1 magic amulet, 1 set of instructions
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