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HABA The Treasure of the 13 Islands Game 尋寶冒險遊戲

HABA The Treasure of the 13 Islands Game 尋寶冒險遊戲

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HABA The Treasure of the 13 Islands Game 尋寶冒險遊戲

一款適合2至4人6至99歲的尋寶者的冒險遊戲。 遊戲時間:約20分鐘。 德國製造。
您是否有足夠的勇氣和戰略能力去發現13個島嶼的寶藏? 使飛艇駛向懸崖,火山,並穿越濃霧。
收集島上稀有的文物和神秘物品。 一組研究人員將提供重要的線索,以幫助您找到傳奇寶藏。 但是時間不多了!
因為其他飛行員也一直在尋找寶藏,所以他們緊緊抓住了你。 誰將是第一個揭開這13個島嶼之謎並贏得傳奇寶藏的人?
內容:1個圓板(9個),4個角色圖塊,4個遊戲塊(+貼紙),大寶,飛行員面具,30個帶有研究對象的圖塊,35張卡(5張尋寶線索卡,15張傷害卡,15張任務卡) 1套說明書


An adventure game for 2-4 treasure hunters ages 6 to 99. Game time: about 20 minutes. Made in Germany.
Do you have enough courage and strategic skills to discover the treasures of 13 islands? Drive your airship to cliffs, volcanoes, and through dense fog.
Collect rare artifacts and mysterious items on the island. A team of researchers will provide important clues to help you find the legendary treasure. But time is running out!
Because other pilots are also looking for treasure, they have a tight hold on you. Who will be the first to uncover the mysteries of these 13 islands and win the legendary treasure?
Contents: 1 round plate (9 pieces), 4 character tiles, 4 game tiles (+ stickers), big treasure, pilot mask, 30 tiles with research objects, 35 cards (5 treasure hunt clue cards , 15 damage cards, 15 task cards) 1 set of instructions

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