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HABA Valley of the Vikings Dexterity Tactics Game 維京人的山谷戰略戰術遊戲

HABA Valley of the Vikings Dexterity Tactics Game 維京人的山谷戰略戰術遊戲

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HABA Valley of the Vikings Dexterity Tactics Game 維京人的山谷戰略戰術遊戲

適合 6 歲及以上兒童的令人興奮的戰術和技能遊戲。
適合 6 至 99 歲的 2 至 4 名玩家,享受令人興奮的樂趣。
豐富的遊戲素材,包括 XXL 遊戲計劃、3D 維京船隻和 24 個金幣。

An exciting game of tactics and skill for children aged 6 and up.
Whoever manages to position their vikings well on the dock through skilful bowling and attract the most gold coins wins the game.
When the annual barrel bowling contest takes place in the valley of the vikings, players must prove their courage, skill and, above all, willingness to take risks, to knock over the right barrels with the ball.
Exciting fun for 2 - 4 players from 6 - 99 years.
Extensive game material with XXL game plan, 3D Viking ships and 24 gold coins.

Play plan with flag plates, take a ship with a coin per player, place all Viking chips in front of the first web field, place barrels in the marked holes. Play in a row clockwise: From the ramp with ball slider and ball that cone 4 barrels; for every fallen barrel associated Viking chip on the bridge move a field forward in any sequence. Next player can set up fallen barrels in any position. As soon as a Viking chip falls into the water, it comes to the coin distribution: Coins from stock (for flag with coins), from a player (for flag with Viking of players) or from all players (flag with their own Viking) and stowed in their own ship. If all coins are distributed, the player who has most coins in his ship wins!

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