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Hand2Mind Colors & Shapes Sensory Pad 顏色和形狀感官遊戲墊

Hand2Mind Colors & Shapes Sensory Pad 顏色和形狀感官遊戲墊

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Hand2Mind Colors & Shapes Sensory Pad 顏色和形狀感官遊戲墊

Age 3+

這款 Colors & Shapes Sensory Pad 聽起來真的非常適合幼兒! 讓我們仔細看看它的亮點和特點:

  • 包含4種不同形狀—圓形、正方形、長方形和三角形,每種形狀都有6種不同顏色
  • 重量有助於孩子們放鬆下來,減輕焦慮,可以放在孩子的腿上使用
  • 背面的儲存口袋可以放置8張雙面活動卡,並提供一個平坦的使用表面
  • 閥門設計可以輕鬆加入和排出液體


  • 1個感官墊
  • 24個塑料形狀
  • 8張雙面活動卡
  • 1份活動指南


作為一款多功能的感官遊戲,Colors & Shapes Sensory Pad 無疑是幫助幼兒全面發展的絕佳選擇。我相信孩子們一定會喜歡探索這個充滿樂趣的互動遊戲!

Parents fill the Colors & Shapes Sensory Pad with their choice of liquid (water, gel, shaving cream, glycerin, etc.). Then, children use their fingers to guide the shapes through 1 of the activities shown on the 8 double-sided Activity Cards. The focus is on hand-eye coordination, tactile development, visual stimulation, strengthening fine motor skills, and sensory exploration.

  • Includes 4 different shapes—circle, square, rectangle, and triangle, each in 6 different colors.
  • Weight helps children calm down and reduces anxiety when placed on a child’s lap.
  • Storage pocket in the back holds all 8 double-sided Activity Cards and provides a flat surface for use anywhere.
  • Valve makes it easy to fill and drain liquid.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Sensory Pad
  • 24 Plastic Shapes
  • 8 Double-Sided Activity Cards
  • 1 Activity Guide
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