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hand2mind NumberLine Clock Mini Student Clock

hand2mind NumberLine Clock Mini Student Clock

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NumberLine Clock™  Mini Student Clock

 Item: 92286 | Grade: K- 5

 幫助學生認識到時鐘只是一條圓形數軸,並改變他們學習計時的方式。每個數軸時鐘都配有時鐘框架、卡扣式分針和時針以及 2 個可翻轉的數軸 – 1 條表示小時,1 條表示分鐘。只需將數字線彎曲成圓圈,連接兩端,將它們放入鐘面,卡在指針上,你就創建了一個時鐘。

顏色編碼可幫助孩子識別 5 分鐘的小組
1 學生時鐘 (4”)
4 入門活動

Help students see that a clock is simply a circular number line and change how they learn to tell time. Each Number Line Clock comes with a clock frame, snap-on minute and hour hands, and 2 reversible number lines – 1 for hours and 1 for minutes. Simply bend the number lines into a circle, connect the ends, put them into the clock face, snap on the hands, and you’ve created a clock.

  • A hands-on way to go from counting to telling time
  • Deepens understanding by visualizing the connection between a number line and time
  • Color-coding helps kids recognize groups of 5 minutes
  • Innovative, patent-pending design revolutionizes how kids learn time
  • 1 Student clock (4”)
  • 4 Getting started activities
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